The Tyler Group: Working in Barcelona l Slideshare

Working in Barcelona can be an amazing experience for expats. The cosmopolitan environment and ideal location at the Mediterranean Sea make for great business opportunities for people working in Barcelona. Our guide to working in Barcelona has info on the job search, business etiquette, and more. Without a doubt, expats working in Barcelona benefit from the city’s convenient location right on the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona has in fact been a major hub for business and trade for centuries. Thus, expats with plans on working in Barcelona’s trading and manufacturing industries may have found just the right place. However, aside from the city’s traditional sectors, tourism and culture are also on the rise. After all, Barcelona is considered a major center for art, architecture, and design. Working in Barcelona allows expats to contribute significantly to Spain’s income. After all, Barcelona alone generates a quarter of Spain’s GDP. The greater Barcelona region boasts a large local market. The highly diversified structure of its economy and the weight of its industrial base turn the city into a culturally and industrially vibrant center. In 2010, more than 14 million tourists visited the city of Barcelona. While you are working in Barcelona, you will quickly realize that the tertiary sector plays an important role within Barcelona’s economy, mostly because it provides most jobs in the city. Aside from the tertiary sector, manufacturing is a major industry in Barcelona. However, there are other fields which contribute significantly to Barcelona’s economy. In this section, we are introducing some of these sectors to expats working in Barcelona. The ICT sector is considered one of the major contributors to Barcelona’s economy. The sector combines IT and telecommunication with audiovisual systems which make up new ICT applications. The ICT sector is highly productive. With over 1,700 companies and 155 research institutes, Catalonia and particularly Barcelona make up a major ICT hub. Working in Barcelona’s ICT sector gives you a particular advantage as you benefit from social, commercial, institutional and educational programs in Barcelona. 




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